'Tostee's 60 Minutes payment should be matched and given to Warriena Wright's family.'

Last month, Gable Tostee was found not guilty of the murder of Warriena Wright, who died after falling from the balcony of his 14th floor Gold Coast apartment in 2014.

It was a tense case that ran high with emotion and divided public opinion. But whatever your personal view, the verdict was passed. He was found not guilty.

With the legal case behind him, now is a time for him to be quiet. Now is a time for him to be considerate and stay away from the spotlight, out of respect for Warriena Wright, her heartbroken family, and grieving friends.

Warriena Wright with her friends. (Image via Facebook/Kaitlyn Cooper-Craill)

Now is not a time to be boasting on social media about conquering an indulgent mega ‘godfather’ milkshake. It’s certainly not the time to be giving a gruesome, paid, interview to 60 Minutes.

A short preview of the distasteful interview aired last night ahead of next Sunday’s episode.

It was chilling, and without a shadow of a doubt, too soon.

A sweating Tostee doesn’t look comfortable in his innocence, or in front of the camera. He stares, cold, blank and vacuous as a recording of Warriena’s desperate screams is played; the graphic mobile phone recording that he made himself which formed a key piece of evidence in the trial.

She can be heard yelling ‘no’ 33 times. Every time we listen to her plead, it makes us wish he’d acted differently, yet again.

Tostee reportedly made a six figure sum from the interview. (Image via 60 Minutes.)

When interviewer Liam Bartlett asks about this, Tostee stammers and replies, “Yeah, she was err, certainly trying to make a lot of noise.”


What am I hearing? What am I watching? Even the ticking 60 Minutes clock sounds harsh and wrong knowing her time is drawing to an end.

This isn’t a trailer for a new Hollywood blockbuster; this is a real life recording of a woman’s last terrified cries for help. How can we not judge him all over again?

Did her grief-stricken family not suffer enough when this recording was played at the trial? Does her family not deserve more than this blasting from their TV screens now? Where is the compassion?

A photograph taken on the night (Image via Facebook.)

Tostee didn’t take the stand during the nine-day trial. He successfully kept a low profile then. And yet, here he is on TV, cashing in on an innocent young women’s death, reportedly clocking up a six-figure sum.

Isn’t that a crime in itself? No one should profit from this tragedy.

I find myself hoping every dollar he’s paid is matched and given to her family – foolish I know, as there are no ratings winners in unseen personal grief.

We were left with so many question marks as we watched this tragic case unfold. Of course, our eyes remain on Tostee’s behaviour now he’s chosen to parade himself. His friends reportedly told the Daily Mail he was hoping for a ‘fresh start’. If that’s the truth, he really should have made better choices.

Just two weeks after he was cleared, the 30-year-old grinned in a social media post after becoming the first person ever to manage to drink a monstrous milkshake at a café on the Gold Coast.

Yes, Tostee was found not guilty. And yes, he has every right to get on with his life.

But doesn’t he also have a responsibility to walk his path of freedom with respectful footsteps?

Gable featured in a post about beating a milkshake challenge. (Image via Facebook/Gangster and Gatsby)

The truth is, we don’t want to see him enjoying pleasure and slurping milkshakes.

We don’t want to be reminded he is walking around the sunny Gold Coast enjoying his life where a 26-year-old young woman lost her's.

We don’t want to see him cheering his achievements so publically when Warriena Wright has been stripped of her right to achieve more.

Drink your stupid milkshake; feel a surge of pride, but perhaps you could respectfully have refused to have photos taken for social media? He won $50 for that. His paycheck for 60 Minutes was considerably more.

Tostee, we don’t want to watch you defend yourself again.

The case is closed and all I can think is, Warriena Wright’s family deserves better than this.

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