It's time for Toni McHugh to be quiet.

The Australian public are over hearing from Gerard Baden-Clay’s mistress, and here’s why.

Over the past 24 hours, one thing has become very clear. Everyone wants the mistress of wife-killer Gerard Baden-Clay to shut up and go away.

The Australian Women’s Weekly Facebook page as been under siege ever since they promoted the story from the August issue of the magazine, out today. It follows the outcry about her being paid to speak to 60 Minutes earlier this month.

We feel offended our favourite magazine, that we see as a refuge for women, has given a voice to someone who never appeared to show any regard for the late Allison Baden-Clay while sleeping with her husband.

Yesterday we published a story featuring some of the highlights of the interview and watched as our Facebook page was inundated with comments like this:

Kasey wrote:

Just retreat quietly to the background lady and allow the family to start healing. You’re not helping!

Petria said:

Totally disgusted that she is posing fully made up and profiting from someone’s murder! Not cool Women’s Weekly – I find the photo offensive. So is the interview if you paid her. Did we forget she had an affair? Reap the consequences of your actions woman and stop the public woe is me.

And Kylie wrote:

I’m floored that she’s posing for magazine shoots and wanted to play happy families with the Baden-Clay children! Hasn’t Allison’s family been through enough?! Fade into the background QUICKLY lady! Outrageous.

Reading the full story this morning, a few things become very clear:

* Toni McHugh was incredibly naive when she started her affair with Baden-Clay, believing all his lies, even after he cruelly dumped her and then resumed their affair;

* Somebody gave her very bad advice when they suggested speaking to the media was a good idea;

* By trying to explain her actions, she’s showing incredible disrespect for Allison, Allison’s children and her own children who are now living with their father;

* She doesn’t seem to have learned a damn thing from the experience.

If her comment released yesterday about planning a life with Allison’s children wasn’t bad enough, the full interview gets even worse.

Women's Weekly have been on the receiving end of an incredible backlash over their decision to interview Toni McHugh.

Toni goes into detailed speculation about how Allison might have died. It's just mind-blowingly inappropriate and unwelcome. She did it in the context of trying to explain her thought process after finding out her lover's wife was missing, but still, we really wish she'd shown more respect.

So then you think, well, was it an accident? And that's where I sit on the fence. I just don't know. I don't like to think of it being deliberate, but I've had one nightmare, it's like, did he let the rabbits out of the hutch? And she goes into the garden to chase them and he chased after her, and that's where he does it, outside, by the car port? And that's why neighbours thought they heard a scream and that's why there was no sign of a scuffle in the house, and that's why it was easy to get her body into the back of a car. But it's just a nightmare. I don't actually know.

Toni says her life is ruined and she can't find work. How on earth did she think speaking out would help her situation?

At the end of the day, Baden-Clay was the one who was married and cheating with Toni. He's the one who lied and murdered his wife. But after testifying against him at the trial, she should have remained silent.

We don't want to hear her thoughts and excuses.

A beautiful wife and mother is dead, three young girls have lost both their parents and Allison's family and friends are still trying to figure out how to move on from this tragedy.

Tomorrow is Yellow Day, organised by the friend's and family of Allison and her family. They are trying to raise funds for her children which you can do via this bank account:

The Late Allison Baden-Clay Children's Trust Fund

NAB: 084-737
Account Number: 94-308-4078

Do you think Toni McHugh was right to speak out or would it have been better if she stayed silent?

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