Want to have an Oscar’s party? Here’s how to do it

How many of the Oscar nominated movies have you seen? Any? All?  Do you plan to watch the Oscars on Monday? Food writer and Blogger Tori Haschka takes her Oscar’s and her food very seriously.  She writes:

Black Swan panacotta

“Some people have Halloween. Others celebrate Valentines Day with a bang. For us, it’s all about Oscars.

For the past six years The Hungry One and I have hosted an Oscars party (actually, I lie. Our wedding fell on the weekend of Oscars, so my sister managed to weave an Oscars theme into her MC duties. She awarded my husband ‘Best Score’ and our groomsmen and brideslaves were nominated as  best supporting actors).

It’s the pinnacle of  a festival of sorts.  Before it there’s a whirlwind few weeks where we try and see as many of the nominated films as possible.

Then we brainstorm dishes to match the films nominated for best picture. This year there’s salted Red Bull ranita for The Social Network, Black Swan panna cottas and raw steak crostini for The Fighter .  Then it’s the tricky part of actually making them all.

Most year’s there’s a dress code of ‘tracksuits and bling’ (you want to be comfortable if you’re going to be eating ten courses).  This year we’re shaking it up a little with costumes related to the nominated films. At last, I have an opportunity to wear a shrug and a tutu. I suspect some of the boys are still going to come in tracksuits, and claim it’s training gear for ‘The Fighter’.

Over the years I’ve discovered a few things the hard way, now we

Make people lodge their ballots the day before (no cheating). Since I want to be surprised, I also keep away from news sites after midday.

Tape the live screening earlier in the day. We’ve found that way we can finish watching the ceremony at a civilised time (it is a school night).

Keep everyone quiet during the red carpet- surely the most important bit?  We try and have  drinks in our hands at this point. This is when the (civilised) drinking games start.   We pick a signature colour for the year. Every time you see someone in that colour  you have to take a sip. I think this year it will be emerald green.

We also keep drinks on hand during the ceremony. Every time someone gets cut off by the music, we  take a sip. Every time someone thanks their mother; their agent or their deity of choice- we take a sip. Every time the camera cuts to Jack Nicholson looking smug in the front row,we  take a sip.  If there’s a wardrobe malfunction, then that’s two sips.

And most crucially, I try to be generous when other people beat me in the tipping.

I try. I really do. But this is serious stuff.

May your Oscars be golden.


an Oscars addict

(NB, as part of my recovery, next weekend I’m going to go see a romantic comedy. Much less chance of someone having their limbs cut off,  I feel).

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What are you doing for the Oscars? Are you celebrating?


About the Author:  Victoria  (Tori)  Haschka is a Sydney born food travel writer,  who grew up only wanting to eat white noodles and somehow became obsessed with cooking, travel and restaurants.

Her blog www.eat-tori.com follows her efforts in feeding The Hungry One (the husband) and their quest to find the best places to eat, drink and be merry. You can follow Tori on Twitter here.