Meet the girl who's turned the walk of shame into a business.

Would you be happy for your post-sexy times walk of shame to be featured on a reality show?

Apparently a lot of people are fine with it; a TV series featuring a woman picking people up after random hook-ups has just finished filming in the US.

Kellyann, right, and a very hungover passenger.

It all started two years ago when early-riser Kellyann Wargo, then in her final year of uni, found herself constantly being asked for lifts by friends who had woken up in a strange bed after a night of partying.

Eventually, she started charging everybody five bucks for the favour and that’s when she realised she could turn her ingenious service into a business.

The ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle’.

Kellyann registered as a chauffeur driver and turned her car into the ‘Walk of Shame Shuttle’. She put up flyers around town, explaining that for a $5 fee, she would pick you up, give you a bottle of water and a high five, and take you wherever you needed to go. She even provided discount vouchers for the morning after pill.

All part of the service.

After putting a funny commercial for her business on YouTube, the clip went viral and VH1 offered to turn Kellyann’s morning-after adventures into a reality show.

All the filming takes place in the shuttle and just features Kellyann having funny conversations about the previous night’s action with the random people she’s just picked up.

VH1 plans to release the show in the next couple of months and Kellyann’s business is expanding to three other US cities.

Watch the commercial that got her ‘discovered’ here:

Would you do a walk of shame on national TV?

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