Waleed Aly explains the Syrian crisis in terms we can all understand.

Waleed Aly once again proves he might just be the smartest man on television.

If you’re having trouble grasping the political implications of the Syrian crisis, you’re not alone. A complex issue has just been complicated even further as Russia launched an airstrike into Syria through Iraqi and Iranian airspace.

It’s an international, internal, and external conflict all rolled into one, and it is confusing.

But thanks to Waleed Aly on last night’s episode of The Project, you may have a greater chance of wrapping your head around it.

waleed aly the project
The Syrian Crisis in 20 seconds. (Image via Channel Ten: The Project)

When Carrie asks the question, ‘What the hell is going on over there?’ Peter Heliar’s reaction sums up the reaction of many. A moment’s hesitation and the realisation that actually… we’re not really sure.


Enter Waleed, who eloquently and succinctly explains the current political implications of what’s going on in Syria.

In less than 20 seconds.

Video via The Project TV

No talking in circles and no complex terminology. Just further proof that he should probably be Australia’s next PM.

“This is a war with three sides,” says Waleed.

“Essentially, there are three major players in Syria at the moment: There is President Assad and his forces, and the rebels trying to overthrow the current regime.  And then there is Islamic State who as Waleed puts it, “are just trying to screw everyone.”

As to Russia’s recent airstrike, it is perhaps less about terrorism that President Putin would have the public think. Waleed suggests Russia’s current involvement in Syria is strategic, as they have a long standing alliance with Syria.