Is something wrong? Fans say Waleed Aly should 'smile more'.

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The Project co-host Waleed Aly has been SLAMMED by fans who insist he smile more.

It comes after Aly appeared glum on last week's episodes of The Project, where he reported on the recent sexual abuse allegations engulfing Canberra and other very serious news stories.

On the 14 most recent episodes of the nightly current affairs show, the 42-year-old host went formal with a white shirt and jackets in various shades of navy. He brought some flair and showed off his ample fashion sense with a series of different coloured and patterned ties.

But the anticipation of Aly's on-trend ties weren't enough to keep viewers happy this week, with many taking to social media to SLAM Aly's lack of smiles while reporting on current affairs.

Aly recently donned a red checkered tie, but no smile. Image: Channel 10. "Waleed would look so much better if he smiled," one viewer wrote.

Another was more concerned: "Is something wrong with Waleed Aly???"

"I watch The Project and I consider Waleed Aly's frown while discussing disturbing news stories a personal attack," another fan began.

"He should smile more, because obviously he only exists to please random members of the public like me."


It not the first time the star has dealt with the microaggressions that come with being a man in the public eye. 

An elusive smile, and a very stylish tie. Image: Channel 10. 

Aly was once shamed by viewers for wearing the same suit jacket two days in a row.

He later spoke about how the jeers of women in the audience, demanding he ditch the tie and undo at least his top two shirt buttons, impacted how safe he felt while simply doing his job.

"I sometimes feel like no one cares about my talent, they just care about my looks," he said in a recent interview.

"It's really disheartening to be presenting one of the country's top news shows, only to have to answer questions about where my tie is from and how I keep my forehead looking so smooth and youthful. I can't help having good genes!"

Aly said it'd taken some time to feel confident speaking up about the pervasive culture against men in the media.

"Being a male in the public eye is exhausting," he explained.

"[But] if me speaking out about this helps just one other man with a platform feel more comfortable to speak their mind, then it's worth it." 

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