Waleed Aly: "Malcolm Turnbull invented the internet in this country as much as I invented longwinded TV rants ."

Waleed Aly’s The Project segment Something We Should Talk About is a network television go-to. It’s smart, funny, critical and informative.

Last night, the subject was Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull, or more specifically his role in the roll-out of the National Broadband Network.

Aly raised the fact that despite an increase in cost of approximately $10 billion, the NBN (which we still don’t have) is expected to deliver a slower internet speed than the one promised by Labor.

The segment began with a clip of former PM Tony Abbott delivering a speech on the NBN where he says Malcolm Turnbul “virtually invented the internet in this country”.

“First,” said Aly, “Malcolm Turnbull invented the internet in this country as much as I invented longwinded TV rants in this country.” Oh, snap!

“We didn’t invent it but we don’t mind accepting praise from people who think we did,” he added.

Image: Screenshot via Channel 10.

“Second, his plan might not be as amazing as Tony would have us believe," he continued.


Aly outlined the broken promises of fibre connections delivered directly to our homes, the shortcomings in the network's roll-out and the fact that in the end, it is likely to be an inferior product to the one we have been waiting for.

"Leaked documents seem to reveal the Government’s NBN rollout is behind schedule and the reason why that is is a worry," he said, "as it’s not only that it could be late, but it’s an NBN not all of us want."

Aly also poked fun at Tony Abbott's infamous mind-blank saying labeling him "the only human to have ever had buffering issues in real life.”

Image: Screenshot via Channel 9.

“So if you are watching this right now on the internet," Aly finished, "and you had to wait for even a second for this video to buffer, you know who to blame — Tony Abbott and the guy who he says invented the internet.”

You can watch last night's full episode of The Project over on TenPlay.

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