The one where Waleed Aly slams Australia's action on climate change.

You’ll want to high-five him too.

In a John Oliver-esque take down of Australia’s climate policy, Waleed Aly has slammed the Government’s woeful efforts to combat climate change.

Just perfect: The Project skewers Joe Hockey on Islamaphobia.

The Project host opened with an explanation of the renewable energy target, which is meant to ensure that 20% of out electricity will come from renewable energy sources by 2020.

He then slammed the Coalition for their decision to review and subsequently slash the RET and the bi-partisan support they received to do so.


“The truth is no-one cares,” he says. “So let this be the first news report for an audience that doesn’t exist. Not only are the people this affects not watching and not voters, they’re not even born yet. It’s the generation to come that will look back and see this for what it is, a willful disregard for the future of this nation by the people we’ve elected to lead us.”

You said it, Waleed.

But you got one thing wrong, people do care and it’s time this government started listening. Maybe Abbott could start by watching this video.