Did this waitress trick this man into buying a $3750 bottle of wine?

Worth it?

Although it can be argued that people who don’t understand wine can blissfully get by on 7-dollar glasses of house sparkling, there are some major benefits to understanding your grapes.

Knowing what to order at dinner parties, for example, would have really helped this gentleman in the US, who got the shock of his life when a ‘cheap’ bottle he ordered with dinner ended up costing $3750.

That’s three thousand, seven hundred and fifty dollars.

Joe Lentini told that he doesn’t know a lot about wine, and since he didn’t have his glasses, he asked the waitress at Bobby Flay’s Steak restaurant to recommend something nice. She pointed to a bottle on the menu, and when Lentini asked her how much it was, she allegedly said “thirty seven-fifty.”

Lentini assumed that she meant 37 dollars and 50 cents. She didn’t. Lentini ordered and drank a $3750 bottle of wine.

After much arguing with staff, he was able to haggle the price down to $2200, but that’s still 22 hundred freaking dollars.

Staff at the restaurant are denying that there was any confusion. They told

“In this isolated case, both the server and sommelier verified the bottle requested with the patron.”

Hmmm, yes. But if you don’t know anything about wine, and somebody says thirty seven-fifty, HOW THE FRIG ARE SUPPOSED TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE?

And guess what? Apparently it wasn’t even that great:

“It was okay. It was good,” Lentini said. “It wasn’t great. It wasn’t terrible. It was fine.”

There is a very important lesson here for wine novices everywhere:

If you don’t know the difference anyway, don’t be embarrassed to ask for the cheapest thing on the menu.

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