This young waiter's quest for love is going viral.

Rupert is seeking a dark handsome man he served.


It’s a love story for a new age.

With all the right elements – pizza, a latte and Facebook (of course).

But will it have a happy ending? Or is it just too cheesy?

Facebook users are desperately trying to help a young waiter find love after his post searching for a customer he fell in love with at first sight has gone viral.

Rupert, a 25-year-old waiter who calls himself Rupert Bear, works at a pizza café in Auckland, New Zealand.

He told The New Zealand Herald he was “dumbstruck” by a customer who stopped in for a latte and a pizza slice on September 3. Rupert decided to turn to social media to find the mystery man who he says had a slight American accent. (Or maybe, we hope it was Australian…)

His post has now gone viral being shared nearly 3000 times.

It shows a photo of Rupert holding up a pizza box saying “three Weeks ago I served you pizza and a coffee and I told you your shoelace was undone. I’ve been waiting for you to come back! If you’re still in Auckland find me on Facebook: Rupert Bear. I’d really like to see you again. P.S. I’m not usually this dorky.”

Rupert’s post.

His potential love interest is described as being in his 30s with dark hair, a bit of a beard, piercing blue eyes, “and obviously very handsome.”

Supporters of Rupert bear have applauded his tenacity in finding his man with comments such as “You are like Prince Charming trying to find your Cinderella” and “Just shared it, ‪Rupert Bear. I have lots of mates in the USA so if mystery man has gone back there, we might still track him down. X

As of last night Rupert still had not tracked down his pizza guy – he  now wants as many people as possible to share his story to find the latte lover.

They only exchanged a few words as Rupert served him his piece of pizza.

“I told him his shoe was undone and he said thanks, and that was it,” Rupert told The New Zealand Herald.

But he believes in the possibility of love at first sight, he said.

Oh the romance!

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Is it love at first bite?

Is it a Facebook fairy tale? Or will Rupert’s dreams be sliced and diced like a pepperoni?

We will keep you updated. Let’s share this post to help Rupert find love.