The Bachelor's Megan and Tiffany met up with a Bachelorette evictee last night.

While finding love on The Bachelor is the aim of the show, it seems 2016 is the year of friendship.

Never before have we seen Bachelors and Bachelorettes reuniting, almost daily, after the shows finished filming.

Faith, Janey and Rachael have spent their days poolside in Bali together, and last week an entirely not-awkward dinner date happened with Richie, Alex, Keira, Heather (cool-girl from season three), and the two Daves from season one of The Bachelorette.

Everywhere, friendships are flourishing. Adding to that list is Megan and Tiffany, after they met up with the recently eliminated Ryan from The Bachelorette:

A mini-Bachelor reunion. Image via Instagram

Posting to Instagram, Tiffany said they spent the night reflecting on their different experiences.

"Was so lovely meeting this handsome bachelor last night and sharing stories about life in the mansion and those off camera antics," she said.

Meanwhile, Megan pointed out the uncanny resemblance Ryan has to one of Australia's favourite actors.

"We met Heath Ledger last night. Wait, no- it was some guy from The Bachelorette!" she wrote on Instagram.

Check out more from the duo's recent adventures. Images via Instagram. (Post continues after gallery.)

"Haha, last minute message that we were in Perth and wanting to meet extended family from the show... wallah! Good times."

During their outing, they also bumped into fan-favourite Nikki Gogan, but unfortunately, there are no photos to share from that.

Ryan has previously spoken to Mamamia about how he felt Georgia Love didn't quite understand the dynamic between the boys on set.

Listen to the Bach Chat team discuss the most recent episode of The Bachelorette. (Post continues after audio.) 

"I found it interesting how Georgia took it so hard – it’s like she couldn’t understand that that’s what we were trying to do," he said.

"The girls from The Bachelor wouldn’t do that, because they can’t get their head around that type of concept and for us it just seemed natural to be like a squad and trying to make sure the guy that develops a connection with her is the best guy for her."

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