The internet is mocking the Sound of Music great-grandson's wedding announcement.

The wedding announcement of the great-grandson of the couple who inspired the film The Sound of Music has gained all the wrong attention after their feature article in the New York Times was lampooned by the internet.

Nathaniel Peters, whose great-grandparents were Maria and Georg Von Trapp, the inspiration behind the Trapp family in the, married Barbara Jane Sloan on June 4 in Vermont.

Sloan, 31, and Peters, 30, met at a mutual friend’s wedding in 2012 and shared a sweet courtship over the next four years.

Their romantic tales of days spent walking back and forth between their houses, singing together and sharing meals were soon derided as the article announcing their wedding became a laughing point for onlookers.

Tweets that mocked the couple referred to them as ‘hipsters’ and focused on the sweet gestures exchanged in their early courtship.

Sloan earned the title “friend with breadifits” after she began bringing him leftover baguettes and pastries to his home when she worked at a bakery.

Peter mimicked the famous traits of his heritage by singing to himself as he walked over to her house.

“Sometimes, I could hear him coming because he would be singing to himself, usually opera,” Sloan said.

The two were said to have cooked together, listened to music together, discussed theology (as they shared a degree) and grown inseparable over a bevvy of shared interests.

The happy news seemed too much for some users and even writers who went to great lengths to try and humiliate the two with snarky quips.

Users on Twitter even sourced images from their engagement to mock not just their love, but also their theological beliefs.

It’s easy to mock people you hardly know, but it’s a hell of a lot easier to just be happy for them. Try it.

Weddings can be one of the best days of our lives and sometimes they’re the worst.