Meet 13-year-old Harley Bird. The voice behind Peppa Pig.

Thirteen-year-old Harley Bird’s name may not be recognisable but her voice certainly is. Well, at least to millions of toddlers and parents around the world.

She’s the voice behind Peppa Pig the pink cartoon hog who has a cult-like following.

Harley Bird
The voice of Peppa Pig, Harley Bird. Image via Getty.

If you’re not acquainted with the children’t classic, it’s about a young girl pig called Peppa. It’s a five minute animation that revolves around your typical childhood playtime. She has a brother George and a mum and dad. All pigs.

Listen to Harley Bird as Peppa Pig here…

Bird has been doing the show since she was five-years-old.


“I think I just sounded a bit like a pig when I was younger” Bird, told Today Show’s Karl Stefanovic this morning.

“No, I guess I just had the right voice.”

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She’s not the first and only Peppa though, there have actually been two more before her. But she says she feels no pressure “since I was so young,” she told Stefanovic.

The show appears in 180 countries around the world and despite not being recognisable by appearance, Bird said she has been spotted by her voice alone.

“My favourite time was I was getting some lunch with my grandma, I was ordering, and some lady stops and stares and says “I hear you every morning!’,”

“It’s very funny,” she said.

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At age nine Bird became the youngest ever BAFTA winner and admits she’s also a major fan of the show as evidence with her “Peppa Pig bedroom”.

She also said she’s not to dissimilar from the cartoon.

“Me and Peppa are quite similar. We’re both cheeky, we like to smile, we like to giggle. And I look a bit like Peppa, some would say,” she told the Manchester Evening News, pointing towards her nose, she told the Today Show.

“Peppa’s part of me. I think I put a bit of myself in her. We’d be besties in real life.”

Watch here as a then 12-year-old Harley Bird speaks to the BBC about her role as Peppa Pig.