Girl attempts to buy a pair of pants online. It definitely doesn't go as planned.

All Sophie wanted was to buy a pair of wide-legged, floor-length pants.

She picked a particular pair off of an online fashion retailer, got them delivered to her house and called it a day.

They were described as having a ‘fire flare leg’ (whatever that means), and made of a white scuba fabric. They were a little bit dramatic but on-trend (wide-leg is all the rage at the moment), and only a very reasonable $45.

They were great pants.

However, unfortunately the world is not a fair place.

Short girls will understand this problem.

Let’s just say she got the pants and they just weren’t quite right.

As you can see they’re just a tad bit too long, with the waist either cutting in at just under her boobs, or majorly creased onto the floor. We’d liken the look to a fashion potato sack… perfect if one were to attempt to cheat in a potato sack race, but unfortunately that’s it.

Sharing the problem with Twitter, Sophie’s online shopping fail has gone viral with 14,500 retweets and 56,800 likes. Because overly long pants are clearly an EPIDEMIC.

Viral wide-legged pants online
Image: Twitter @sophiemonkkxx.

While we don't know her height, this is a problem every short girl knows, especially when buying anything floor-length, in which you always go for the 'cropped' style.

Either that or gradually become best friends with a trusted tailor.

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Now, as lovers of a style bandwagon, we're in full support for fashion equality when it comes to pant lengths, so if you too sit on the vertically challenged side of the heigh spectrum, here are some other options that you'd enjoy:

Friend of Audrey, Privilege Wide Leg Pants, $89.95

Viral wide-legged pants online

Amelius, Calypso Pants, $65.95.

Viral wide-legged pants online

River Island, Petite Crop Wide Leg Pants, $76.00

Viral wide-legged pants online

Glassons, Wide Leg Pants, $49.99

Viral wide-legged pants online

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