A woman's mirror selfie went viral after people spotted something strange in the background.

When Paula Sophia Garcia Epsino posted a mirror selfie sitting on her Aunt’s bathroom counter in Mexico, she didn’t quite get the response she was expecting.

Paula’s selfie quickly gained traction when Twitter users began to point out the bathroom’s bizarre layout.

We have questions. Lots and lots of questions.

Why is the toilet paper roll SO DAMN FAR from the toilet? Why is the toilet plugged into a charging cable? WE NEED ANSWERS!

Take a look for yourself. It's...strange. Image: Twitter.

Twitter users were quick to question Paula about how anyone could get anything done in the strange bathroom... especially accessing that toilet paper roll halfway across the room.


Besides the toilet paper fiasco, people also pointed out even more bizarre features in the selfie, including the towel rack under the toilet bowl and the charging cable plugged in next to the toilet.

"The toilet is charging, the tissue paper is 1,000ft away and behind that door is The Chronicles of Narnia," one person wrote online.



Speaking to Buzzfeed News, Paula said she didn't notice the background of her selfie initially.

"I didn't actually think much of where things were placed when I took the picture, I just focused on how I looked instead of what was going on behind me."

She also said she has never noticed the bathroom's odd layout, adding: "To be honest I never noticed all these odd things until people pointed them out".

Paula told Buzzfeed that her aunt doesn't ever use the towel rack situated under the toilet bowl.

And although it's not visible in her selfie, Paula answered all our questions about how she gets to the toilet paper – there is a toilet paper roll right next to the toilet. Thank god.

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