A man asked the internet about how his girlfriend treats his puppy. The answer was unanimous.

In life, few things are certain.

Birth. Taxes. Death. And puppies.

Puppies and doggos are among the purest (and cutest) beings on this planet. They’re loyal and friendly, and should always be treated with kindness, no exceptions.

Unfortunately, not everyone got that memo, which is why a young man who goes by the username dogsarerealllycool posted to Reddit asking for advice about his own puppy/human dilemma.

The 21-year-old confided in the AmItheAsshole subreddit thread (a thread where people air their grievances and ask if they’re being unreasonable) about how his new girlfriend is treating his three-month-old Saint Bernard puppy Moose.


“Moose [and I] have a super close relationship. He is my best friend, and I’ve lived on my own with him since I got him. He’s really well behaved, rarely barks, doesn’t beg for food, goes to the bathroom when he’s told to and lets me bathe him regularly. He’s a really good boy,” dogsarerealllycool began.

Side note – here’s an awesome video about things dogs never say because, dogs. Post continues after video.

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“I’ve been with my girlfriend, let’s call her Julia, for four months… I love spending time with her. Moose, not so much. The problems started as soon as Julia started sleeping over. On the first night, Moose got into his bed [in my room] when we did, and Julia shouted at him to get out of the room.

“Now, she started being nasty to Moose in other ways. She wants him off the sofas, which I don’t agree with, especially as she doesn’t live here. She has told me she’s jealous of the affection I give Moose, but I feel I’m affectionate with her too. She doesn’t give Moose treats ever when I ask her to, saying she doesn’t want him to get bigger, and she’s actually smacked him twice for bad behaviour, which I am firmly against. I’ve never had to smack Moose the whole time I’ve had him and I feel it’s not her place to just do that.”


The man also said this behaviour made Moose “really sad” because he “feels guilty”. Finally, he summarised the offences towards Moose, which include:

  • Won’t give him treats when I ask.
  • Ignores him when he comes to her for love.
  • Wants him to sleep in the kitchen, despite me saying it’s too cold.
  • Smacked him twice.
  • Says she’s jealous of him.
  • Claims he’s annoying despite having three big dogs at her parents’ house that she loves.
  • Screams at him to be quiet the second he barks.
  • Feeds him half as much as I do because she thinks he’s too big.

“So, WIBTA [would I be an arsehole] if I told her this needs to stop? I’ve already told her to ignore him completely if she’s going to be horrible to him, but she doesn’t listen,” he asked the thread.

Understandably, the answer was unanimous. Puppies > humans.

“MASSIVE RED FLAGS. She is just jealous, and this won’t stop. If she can’t distinguish between a dog and herself, how will she deal with a female coworker? An old friend?” one user asked.

“She HIT your Dog? SHE HIT YOUR DOG? Are you kidding me? Not just once, where you may have informed her you don’t do that, but twice? TWICE?”

“You ABSOLUTELY owe it to Moose to defend him against this witch,” another commented.

“I hate giving advice in this sub, but you should really, really, really consider what kind of partner would hit a living thing that you love. I hope she’s never jealous of the love you show your own child…” one user wrote.

Another added, “Agree – there’s something wrong with people who are cruel to animals and that’s a massive red flag. How a person treats animals is a huge indicator of who they are as a person.”

“What kind of sociopath is jealous of the attention you give your dog? Get out. Get out get out get out get out,” another said.

A user added, “Ditch her and take him to the beach. There’s lots of dog lovers there who’ll love to stop and say hello to him and his owner.”

As we can see, the advice was pretty clear. Be nice to dogs. The end.

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