The viral video in which a husband tells his wife she’s pregnant is actually creepy.

It’s unethical. And frankly, pretty creepy.

Sam and Nia are vloggers.

You can follow their family along on YouTube as they go to church, the doctor, the dentist and discuss whether or not it’s okay for Sam to give his wife Nia a t-shirt that says, ‘Trophy’.

For the most part, they’re fairly unremarkable.

Until Sam made a video in which he announces Nia’s pregnancy to her. Sam knew Nia was pregnant before she did.

Sam and Nia. Image via Facebook.

Here’s how it happens.

Sam is recording in the bathroom. He tells us that Nia has to wee a few times a night, but she doesn’t flush the loo in case she wakes the baby. I bet Nia really appreciates the world knowing that.

Nia texted him last night at work to tell him her period was two weeks late.

Sam brings home a pregnancy test.

Sam take a sample of Nia’s urine out of the toilet and drops it into the pregnancy test.

Nia is pregnant.

viral pregnancy video
The moment Sam finds out that Nia is pregnant. Image via YouTube.

Nia doesn’t know.

Sam tells Nia.


Nia is overwhelmed.

The video goes viral and the world goes, “awwwww!” Even I laughed along with them and felt their joy shining through the camera.

You can watch the video below. Post continues after video. 

But something is very definitely not quite right here. Sam took Nia’s urine and conducted a medical test without her knowledge or permission. I’m sure Nia doesn’t mind. She looks pretty happy, really.

But let’s be clear, that’s an unethical thing to do. In fact, that’s a pretty creepy thing to do.

It’s tempered by the fact that this is obviously a very loving family who are dead set excited to be having another baby.

viral pregnancy video
It’s at this point in the video when Nia says “I was planning all the ways I was going to tell Sam.” He took that from her. Image via YouTube.

But, if my husband stole my pee and used it to find out what was happening with my body I would probably feel violated.

It would remove the chance I might have otherwise had to make decisions about my body and my future.

I’m sure that Sam means very well, and I’m sure Nia is delighted. But if it were me, I can’t say I would feel the same way.

What did you think of the video?

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