This piece of bacon could put you off eating delicious cured meats forever.

Sometimes you see an image that just can’t be unseen.

A photo of a piece of bacon, recently shared on Reddit, is one such image.

It’s been described as “horrifying” and “disturbing” and one user has gone as far as to say: “here’s to never eating bacon again.”

So what is it about this photo of bacon that has people losing their appetite?

Image via Imgur

If you have a sneaky look to the far left of the image, you'll see it.



This piece of bacon still has the nipple on it.

Of course, we shouldn't be surprised by this. Logically, we all know that bacon comes from a pig, and that pigs have nipples. But there's something about seeing a nipple, still attached to a piece of everyone's favourite piece of breakfast meat, that incites a strong, visceral reaction.

In response to the photo, several Reddit users shared the moment they were shocked into no longer eating meat. And Jesus, they're disturbing:

"I inadvertently became vegetarian after experiencing a hairy bacon rind. god, it was hairy."

NO. Image via Giphy.

"The ham at Thanksgiving dinner had a vein in it and I was kind of eating around it when my disgusting aunt eating like a disgusting person was gnawing on a piece like a wild animal and exclaimed, "Oh look at this beautiful vein on this ham!"

"A while back I tried tacos with beef tongue. It was good until I noticed the taste buds could still be seen."


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Video via CNN

One Reddit user even admitted that he used to intentionally give out the nipple bacon to rude customers.

Apparently, it's not at all dangerous to eat the nipple. The only 'problem' with this piece of bacon is that it serves as an unpleasant reminder of where our meat comes from - something most people like to avoid.

It does beg the question: If you're uncomfortable with your meat coming from what was once a living animal, should you be eating it in the first place?