Nothing you see on a billboard or in a magazine is real. Here's the proof.



Forget diet and exercise – this viral video shows just how easy it is to Photoshop kilos off in minutes.

The time-lapse video features well-known Japanese columnist, essayist, and TV personality Matsuko Deluxe, 42, being radically transformed by some quick but clever editing.

During the video, featured on the realretouch YouTube channel, Deluxe’s face and body are dramatically slimmed down.

Fat is digitally removed from her cheeks, chin and body. Even her hands are reduced.

Her eyes are widened, her eyebrows thickened and her cheeks contoured.

The video, which has been viewed more than 800,000 times, is fascinating but also reveals just how easy it is to manipulate images in magazines and advertising. The channel also features a number of other examples of the “Photoshop diet”, including an overweight woman in gold hot pants who is edited to become a much more slender version of herself.

Celebrities like Susan Boyle, Michael Jackson and Justin Bieber are also targeted.

Check out the full video below:

Would you ever use Photoshop to improve the way you look?

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