A girl posed for an innocent photo on her balcony. Then people noticed the background.

Warning: This post contains a very graphic – but very funny – image.

Uh-oh. It’s happened again.

Someone has posted a photo to social media without checking the background for handcuffs/a half-naked friend/a messy room or something that would otherwise ruin that perfect selfie.

This time, a girl was posing on a balcony without realising what was going on in one of the rooms in the building behind her.

The image has been posted to Twitter by a user called PirateMulwana, who has invited the internet to retweet the photo once they spot the raunchy detail.

Can you see it?

Yep. That’s two people who appear to be in the middle of a sex session inadvertently making themselves the stars of the photo.

The man and woman can’t be identified from the image – thank goodness for them – but we can’t help but wonder if they wanted to be caught choosing a position so close to the window.

It does look like the curtains are drawn, however. In which case, maybe it’s time to invest in some thicker curtains.

The tweet has so far received hundreds of tweets and likes – because we’re all a bunch of perves apparently.

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