Scarily accurate 'kid's menu' goes viral because parents everywhere are just fed up.

Gee kids are funny little things, aren’t they?

For example, you will not find a more commonly asked question by small children and teenagers than ‘what’s for dinner?’

Only thing is, when you ask them what they in fact would like to eat for said dinner, turns out… they don’t know.

It’s painful on so many levels. It was also my favourite game to play with my mum growing up.

But because it’s such a common parenting dilemma, one restaurant has decided to take matters into its own hands.

Local Delis Kids menu from funny

Upon making the hilarious discovery, one Reddit user posted a photo of the kid’s menu at their local deli. And it’s safe to say these guys are fluent in kid language.

Featuring exquisite delicacies such as the ‘I Don’t Know’, an ‘I Don’t Care’ and the ever-popular ‘I Don’t Want That’, this is one kid’s menu every parent can get behind.

They’ve even got an ‘I’m Not Hungry’ option for the seriously indecisive.

Of course, these are all code for generally conflict free things kids and fussy eaters enjoy – hot dogs, french fries, chicken nuggets and toasted sandwiches.

Now if this could just come in an adults version for Friday takeaway nights, that would be ever so helpful.

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How do you get your kids to eat at a restaurant? Do you have any tricks or tips?