Woman misses crucial step when applying a blackhead face mask. Quickly turns into hell.

Can’t afford a visit to an exxy spa? Grab a face mask, apply to your skin, then put your feet up and chuck on Netflix for bliss on a budget.

Or at least that’s how it should go.

For Joanna Dolan, it ended up being far, far, far from relaxing – or even enjoyable.

Deciding she fancied a bit of pampering on her Saturday night, she applied a peel-off blackhead mask to her face.


She soon realised she'd misread one crucial instruction - to only apply it to your nose area. As a result, she was now unable to remove the mask without causing pain you wouldn't wish on your worst enemy.

Naturally, she did what any of us would do in her situation - filmed herself working out what to do and uploaded it to Facebook, where it's received over two and a half million views already.

"Thought I'd have a pamper session on my Saturday night and apparently you're not supposed to put this all over your face because it f***king hurts when you take it off!" she says.

"Look Jo - the lady in the instructions has only applied it to her nose."


Looking to the instructions for guidance doesn't offer much assistance either.

"When the mask is fully dried, careful peel off your black mask is dry flakes," it reads. Hmm.


Image: Facebook/Joanna Dolan

"Please everyone pray for my skin. I might not have any left by the time I pull this all off," she says.

Her face as she attempts to pull the first bit off and realises that it's not going to be easy? Horrifying.

"How are people that do beauty tutorials so calm about peeling this stuff off??" she asks, before doing a more realistic imitation.

"Hey guys, welcome back to my YouTube channel.. this mask is from the depths of hell."

Some time, many swear words, one rash and no clear blackheads later, Dolan manages to break free from her sticky mask.

Needless to say, don't try this at home.

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