Cate Blanchett completely bombed on Red Faces. Proves there's hope for all of us.

It’s a proof that when it comes to honing the dramatic craft, everyone has to start somewhere.

Cate Blanchett is perhaps the most recognisable and acclaimed actress in Australia. Whether you’re a fan of fantasy or have a  flair for the dramatic, it’s more than likely you’ve found yourself floored by the Oscar-winning actress.

A queen of stage and screen... but not always. (Image via Getty)

But some vintage Blanchett footage has resurfaced which has us cringing cheering for the fact that she was not always the ethereal screen siren we've come to know. Once upon a time, she was just a little ol' uni student having a crack at comedy on one of Australia's most loved variety shows, Hey Hey It's Saturday.

Blanchett appeared as the former half of singing folk duo (with a trombone/trumpet player thrown in for good measure) called "Kate and Simon". They performed a song called Weird Love Song, an appropriate title for a track featuring lyrics such as: "If you licked my back too much, I’d make your tongue go dry." Oooookay.

"If you licked my back too much, I’d make your tongue go dry." (Image: Screenshot via Channel 9/Hey Hey it's Saturday)

Despite the absurd performance style, green pyjamas and, erh, interesting subject matter, there can be no denying that Blanchett has some serious vocal chops. But her soaring high notes failed to impress the judges.

Infamous grumpy-bum Red Symons gonged the act after just 90 seconds. We'll let you decide whether or not that judgement was too harsh...

The sketch only scored 12 points out of a possible 30.

No air-date has yet been provided by Hey Hey, but it appears the sketch was featured on the show before Blanchett moved to Sydney and began her performing arts degree at NIDA. The act's constant plugging of the Melbourne University Law Revue is a pretty good give-away.

While this particular performance isn't to everyone's taste, it has certainly wet our appetites for a Blanchett-led musical.