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The X Things That Work For Every Woman's Face with Zoë Foster Blake

About Zoë:

Zoë Foster Blake is one of Australia’s foremost skincare figures. Her skincare company Go-To, launched in 2014, promotes itself as skincare that works! She has maintained her love of beauty and skincare through her career, starting as a beauty writer. A busy mum of two, Zoë needs a fun and easy skincare routine. Go-To promises honest products that work. The Go-To-Gang has expanded with, Bro-To, easy skincare for men, and Gro-To, with products for kids.

Zoë is interviewed by Mia Freedman, Co-Founder of Mamamia.

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Purchase her book: Amazinger Face

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danni elle
danni elle 10 months ago
Loved this interview 👏