WATCH: Parents explaining the birds and the bees to kids for the first time.

Explaining the birds and the bees to your kids for the first time sure makes for a challenging conversation. But it’s also pretty hilarious. If you’re not the one doing the explaining…

In this new video by five sets of parents sat down with their kids to talk about everything from sex to the birthing process.

The reactions from the kids were nothing short of hysterical.

“See this pocket?” one dad asks his 5 year old daughter. “The pocket is the vagina. And in order to have a child daddy has to put his penis in the pocket.”

Then there’s the kid who knows more than his dad thinks:

“Bang. Penis. Egg. Collide.”

“Who told you that?”


“Nick, who?”

“My brother.”

By far the best reaction is a little boy who is genuinely shocked and terrified as his parents sit him down and begin to explain reproduction, especially when he hears the word vagina (1:18 into the video for those of you playing at home).

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The video is a brilliant reminder of just how beautiful childhood innocence really is. And how hard parenting can be at times…

 Is there an easy way to explain the birds and the bees? Or do you think the “sex” talk will always be an awkward conversation?