12 days to restore your faith in humanity: Baby ducklings being saved. That's all.

Here are some of the most beautiful stories of the year. Because it’s been a rough few weeks, because it’s been abrutal, brutal year, and we all need some help restoring our faith in humanity. 

Remember these good news stories over the next 12 days, and help us share some happiness. Tell us what your favourite uplifting story of the year was, or share your own. 

Because #peoplearegood – oh yes they are. 

Life has a funny way of reminding us to keep our heads high and to focus on the positive. And what could be more positive and uplifting than ducklings? (answer: NOTHING. There is nothing in the world that beats baby ducks.)

Hello, cutie.

This video, entitled “People being awesome”, was recently posted by Animals Australia. It reminds us to have faith in humanity even when times are tough.

It’s a reminder that we shouldn’t give up on each other because there is life and happiness in the most unlikely of places.

Sit back and enjoy as your faith in humanity is restored…

The campaign, Save Our Ducks, was started by the RSPCA and Animals Australia to rally support for duck welfare during the recent Victorian election. It, and other similar campaigns, have attracted a lot of attention online. And with pictures like these, why wouldn’t they?



Want to find out more about this campaign? Check out

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