A Victoria's Secret photoshop fail has left a model with only one bum cheek.

Ah, Victoria’s Secret. You’ve done it again.

Lingerie uber-brand Victoria’s Secret has a history of less-than-ideal Photoshopping jobs — but its latest work is so bad, it’s good.

In an image posted to the company’s Facebook page on 25 September, a model is shown leaning against a wall while wearing a semi-sheer pair of “cheeky” underwear.

The model is naked on top and is clearly supposed to be striking a desirable pose that will make viewers want to rush out and buy a pair of those silky green undies.

It almost works — until you look closer and notice one ridiculous thing.

Can you see it?

The model has been so heavily Photoshopped that she appears to have barely any left buttock — which is rather ironic, given that the name of that style of undies is “cheeky”.

At the top of the model’s bottom, there also seems to be a rather odd gap between her bum cheeks.

As Huffington Post points out, the poor woman seems to be missing a chunk of her right arm, too. Oh, dear.

“There, I fixed it:” One Facebook using fan put his own Photoshop skills to use, restoring the model’s bum. Much better, we think.

It’s just another reminder that images of women’s bodies used in advertising are usually not the real deal: There’s a whole lot of behind-the-scenes editing to make those models look that way.

So no, you shouldn’t start wondering why your own left buttock is fully intact.

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