Victoria's Secret is copping major heat for this apparent (and scary) photoshop fail.


Victoria’s Secret is once again facing backlash from hawk-eyed fans accusing the label of poorly retouching one of its campaign images.

Followers on social media are accusing the lingerie giant of badly photoshopping model Martha Hunt’s arms.

Commenters say Hunt’s arm on the left looks much too smoothed and thinned out.

Oh, and there seems to be a floating elbow to the right.

That, or the 27-year-old model has a freakishly long arm long on one side.

One user commented: “Weird photoshop, look at her left arm lol. How is this still up?”

“Hahaha nice photo shop,” wrote another while someone else remarked: “Oof! It’s a terrible photoshop job, look at da arms!”


“Shame on you,” wrote one angry user.

Interestingly, the image appears to have been removed from the brands’s Facebook page, where commenters were quick to point out the apparent fail.

In other photos, Hunt’s arms look rather different. 

A photo posted by Martha Hunt (@marthahunt) on Jul 11, 2016 at 9:49am PDT


But not everyone was impressed by the retouching outrage.

“Is this really all you people care about? there are more important matters at hand here. like i don’t know maybe the presidential election coming in november, maybe that should be your focus not this! it’s stupid,” wrote one commenter.

Puh-lease. Enough of the moral highground. We can care about the US election, AND we can also care about the #photostopfails editing women’s bodies to fit unachievable body standards. Both real, both worthy.

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