A Victoria’s Secret model shuts down reporter for “stupid” question about food.

“This is stupid. Ask more smart questions.”

Yesterday was the most important day in the calendar year of the world’s most iconic lingerie brand and teenage boys alike… the annual Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show.

Yep, the time of year when the hottest bodies in the world strut the runway in front of fawning front-row male celebrities.

Naturally, there’s an assumption the models adhere extra strictly to their diet and exercise regimes before appearing in their underwear before the entire universe.

So a TMZ reporter decided to find out what the models couldn’t wait to eat after the show.

In a video called ‘Backstage with models who crave fatty foods’, some of the ladies admitted they were looking forward to ice cream or pizza.


But Polish model Magdalena Frackowiak shut that shit right down.

You can see the awkward interview here:

Video via TMZ

The veteran Victoria’s Secret model responded: “What? No, guys, but not with these kind of questions.”

“This is stupid. Ask more smart questions, not ‘eating after the show’,” she said.

She explained the question implied she was depriving herself of food.

“No, you make me feel like, you make me look like, an idiot… But it seems like I’m starving myself and I can’t wait for the show to end to eat.”

Good on her for demanding more intelligent questions.

Or was she just hangry? We are a little concerned it was latter…

You can see the best bits of the parade here:

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