'Big steps to a COVID-safe summer': The eased restrictions announced at Dan Andrews' press conference.

In news Victorians have been waiting for, Premier Daniel Andrews has announced "big steps" towards a "COVID-safe summer".

The premier outlined a number of restrictions set to ease from midnight on Sunday, as Victoria records 37 days without a COVID-19 case. 

"As I said, today marks 37 days without a coronavirus case anywhere in our state. This is a remarkable achievement. It is something that every Victorian owns, it is something that every Victorian has built through the sacrifice, through all that they have given up, the character that they have shown, and the compassion that they have extended to each other," he said. 

Watch Dan Andrews talk about COVID restrictions during the height of the pandemic. Post continues after video.

Video via Sky News.

But with the easing of restrictions, the premier stressed Victorians still need to remain vigilant. 

"We all need to play our part... nothing is more important than getting tested as soon as you register any symptoms."

This is everything we learnt from Daniel Andrews' latest press conference. 


What are the new COVID rules for Victoria?

  • From 11.59pm on Sunday, masks will only have to be worn in certain locations including supermarkets, indoor markets, public transport and ride share vehicles such as taxis. However, masks must be carried by everyone at all times. 
  • Victorians can have up to 30 visitors from multiple households visit their home in one day and up to 100 people can attend public gatherings.
  • The four square metre rule for hospitality venues has been cut to allow one person per two square metres. Standing service will also be allowed.
  • The number of people attending religious gatherings, funerals and weddings will no longer be capped. Instead, it will be restricted to one person per two square metres. However, dance floors will only be allowed to have a maximum of 50 people, with one person per four square metres.
  • From Monday 11 January, private sector companies will be allowed to move 50 percent of employees back into their offices while the public sector can move up to 25 percent of employees.

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When will more restrictions be eased?

The premier explained that the new restrictions will apply for "most of the summer", with no further changes expected to be announced until late January. 

"We'll come back and review some of these towards the end of January. But these will be the settings for the next couple of months."

Feature Image: ABC.

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