Victoria Beckham's models look a little unconscious.

Victoria Beckham’s latest fashion campaign is a little… flat.

Posh has released the pictures for her Autumn/Winter 2015 collection, with the models looking less than enthusiastic. Have a look at the first one.

She definitely looks casual. And asleep. It’s probably the lowest maintenance fashion campaign we’ve ever seen. The model didn’t even have to be conscious. Here she is, relaxing in a comfy chair:

So relaxed. Much casual. Oh look! She’s awake! Checking the tulip mail, obviously. But didn’t have the energy to put on matching shoes.


According to the label, the photos by Colin Dodgson capture ‘the independent spirit’ of the Victoria by Victoria Beckham girl. She may be independent, but she sure ain’t energetic. Good day to be a model.

For more pictures, go to Victoria Beckham’s website, where the models are alive and well.