"They're young, they're thin, that doesn't mean they're ill." Victoria Beckham defends thin models.

‘They’re young, they’re thin, but that doesn’t mean they’re ill.’

2015 has been a mammoth year for Victoria Beckham, one that has been defined by both success and criticism.

As Beckham’s self-titled label continues its unprecedented rise to the top of the fashion ladder, the 41-year-old has also copped a social media beating for using scarily skinny models in her runway show.

The singer-turned-designer’s most recent New York fashion show in September was particularly contentious after a 17-year-old model, Peyton Knight, was sent down the runway despite her, well, concerning waif-like frame.

Watch Victoria Beckham’s Spring 2016 show featuring Peyton Knight below (post continues after video).

Video via Vogue

But now in an interview with the Telegraph, Beckham has responded to the critics who say she was irresponsible in using dangerously thin models, saying that everyone she casts is healthy.

“I wasn’t the only show she did, I wasn’t the only designer to use her… Our casting director spoke to the [model] agencies, and we know that all our girls are healthy.

‘They’re young, they’re thin, but that doesn’t mean they’re ill. People are mean on social media, whoever you are. It’s a shame people have to be that way.’

Deciding to cast the obviously tiny models was undoubtedly an unusual decision for Beckham, given that in 2010 she told The Guardian that she wanted her shows to “celebrate curves”.

“I do take my position seriously and I wouldn’t want to use very skinny girls,” the socialite swore five years ago, noting that Christina Hendricks was the ideal body type she’d like to dress.

But it seems that as the label has gotten bigger, the girls modelling it have only gotten smaller.

What do you think? Is Victoria Beckham’s decision to send extremely thin models down the catwalk a poor one?