One of Victoria Beckham's models had to be defended by her mum on Instagram.

Victoria Beckham has posted some GIFs on her Instagram, showing off her new 2016 fashion collection.

The fashion designer posted a few clips of models cut out and pasted in front of a New York backdrop. They’re quirky and unique.

Many of her followers say they feel ‘sick’ looking at them.

#VBAW16 x vb

A video posted by Victoria Beckham (@victoriabeckham) on

The above video has been the worst hit by Beckham‘s fans, who say they are ‘sickened’ and ‘disappointed’ by the models she has used in her fashion campaign.
Some people said the woman looked like a ‘zombie’ and said they were ‘scared’.
Comments via @victoriabeckham Instagram.

Some commenters felt as though the 41-year-old was promoting eating disorders with her social media posts.

Comments via @victoriabeckham Instagram.

Other people asked that the fashion industry not let this be the norm for models.

Comments via @victoriabeckham Instagram.

The comments became so harsh that the model - who appears in Beckham's fashion videos - had her mum and best friend both come online to defend her.

Comments via @victoriabeckham Instagram.
Comments via @victoriabeckham Instagram.

Beckham has not made a comment as of yet.

It is never okay to body shame anyone. You should never feel you have the right to fat-shame or skinny-shame anyone just because you are sitting behind a computer screen.

Well done to the model's mum and friend for coming to her defence. Women are beautiful and they come in all shapes and sizes.

What do you think of the skinny shaming on Beckham's Instagram post?

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