Victoria 'I Hate My Daughter-In-Law' Beckham, and how did this elaborate rumour even start?

The rumour mill has been milling in overtime ever since Brooklyn Beckham and his now-wife, Nicola Peltz-Beckham, got together.

Mostly about how Brooklyn's mum Victoria feels about her daughter-in-law.

And the fact that many people are convinced that Victoria and Nicola have had a serious feud going on since long before the model and the... nepo baby tied the knot.

This supposed 'feud' has been very well documented, and came up again on a recent episode of the Cancelled podcast – and when I listened, my brain exploded.

Because, did we all spend a good part of 2022 talking about a story that had... no legitimacy?

The answer is yes, apparently.

Listen: The Cancelled hosts pick apart the Peltz-Beckham feud rumours. Post continues below.

Can we all please take a moment to appreciate how baffling it is that there is an entire, extensive narrative about how much Victoria Beckham hates Nicola Peltz-Beckham based on completely unsubstantiated rumours and seemingly unrelated social posts?

It’s as elaborate as the spicy fan-fiction I read about my favourite book characters (#twilightforever). And, when you really think about it, that’s what tabloid gossip really is a lot of the time: fan fiction.

I want to take you through some of the strongest "evidence" (ahem) that was reported about the two women so you can truly appreciate how hilariously unfounded this whole story was.

The wedding dress rumour.

We obviously need to start with the wedding dress storyline, which came to light straight after Brooklyn and Nicola Peltz’s 2022 wedding. 


From whence did this gossip begin? I don't think anyone knows. But people started saying that Nicola had refused to wear a dress designed by Victoria Beckham and instead went for a custom Valentino dress.

In interviews, Nicola explained that Victoria's manufacturer simply couldn’t make the dress in time, but the many little details that followed made most of the public believe otherwise.

Nicola’s social posts from the wedding.

Internet sleuths came knocking with most of the information needed to make this story truly compelling for those who so desperately wanted it to be true.

They'd spotted that, when Nicola posted photos from her wedding day, she didn't share any of herself with her new in-laws, Victoria and David. 

Believers also caught a carousel post that Nicola had captioned, "Family is everything to me" – but none of the Beckhams were in the pic.

Which might seem weird to some, but as Cancelled co-host Jessie Stephens so aptly put it, "As someone who has shared pictures from my wedding. I have not even glanced at who was in those pictures with me."


"I don't care. It's where I look good. And if I looked good in a photo, I could be with the person I liked least and I would share that image."

Victoria’s socials posts from the wedding. 

The social sleuthing continues...

Victoria shared a photo of Brooklyn and Nicola with the caption, "Congratulations, Mr. And Mrs. Beckham. Welcome to the family." But the last name that they had chosen (for both of them) was actually 'Peltz-Beckham’. 

A dig at the newly weds? Or just... absolutely not a thing? 

Image: Instagram.


Then, Victoria posted a carousel of all the wedding guests who were wearing her dresses, with the caption, "So proud to dress some of my favourite ladies and best friends for the occasion." Nicola (who, as we know, hadn’t worn a VB dress) was not among them.

That Marc Anthony gossip.

This could possibly the most ludicrous piece of 'evidence' of them all, but it makes for such a great narrative.

Apparently, Nicola's family paid David and Victoria’s close friend Marc Anthony to sing for the bride and groom, but he (apparently) ended up giving a gushing speech about Victoria. And, according to some unknown little birdies, Nicola (apparently) got really upset and stormed out because of this.

Following that, according to those same birdies, Victoria danced with Brooklyn during what was meant to be his and Nicola's first dance song. AKA the song Marc Anthony was meant to dedicate to the new couple.


Continuous denial from the people involved be damned! When it comes to dissecting the actions of the rich and famous, people want a story, not the truth, and that’s the real reason we’ve ended up with the popular belief that these two women must hate each other. 

Even without any facts or evidence to prove it. 

Feature image: Getty.

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