Is this the only person in the world who hates Waleed Aly?

On Monday night, after we’d all endured more than 48 hours of back-to-back news coverage about Donald Trump’s leaked admission of sexual assault — not to mention his blustering debate performance — Waleed Aly had had enough.

The Project host delivered a rousing call to arms, declaring “Donald Trump is no laughing matter” — especially when the man who could be President of the United States is bragging about grabbing women by the “pussy”.

Aly’s message was clear, and it was typically spot on.

But there was one man who wasn’t further enamored with the most popular person on Australian television (that’s not hyperbole, he won a Gold Logie) after his latest piece to camera: journalist Gavin McInnes, the American co-founder of Vice Media.

I mean, I guess there at to be one. Source: The Rebel

McInnes attempted to deliver a take-down of the man who makes snappy TV take downs look as easy as tying your shoelaces.


It didn't have us fist pumping, to be completely honest.

"Look at this guy. By the way, you know his penis would be this big, you can just tell," McInnes began a foul tirade in which he accused Aly of "blowing up" and "dramatising" his frustrations with Trump.

You can watch the whole thing here, but maybe don't because it's a bit of a crazy rant.

The video appears on the conservative US news site The Rebel, under the headline "Backlash over Trump’s leaked tape is really an attack on masculinity," which incidentally is what McInnes argues Aly has done: joined the "war on masculinity".

This is how guys talk, ladies," McInnes said, claiming Aly had failed to contextualise Trump's comments.

"You don't act in public the way you riff with your buddies.

"Women are incredibly attracted to success and power... I'm not rich and famous and successful, but I’ve hung out with rich, successful and famous people and I see women lining up."

Like Johnny Knoxville, apparently. And Terry Richardson — who, just quietly, has been accused of sexually exploiting and abusing the models he photographed, on multiple occasions.

Listen: Mia Freedman talks all things Trump with Amelia Lester. Post continues below.

"Women hurl themselves at rich and successful men and what kind of pussy is going to sit there and go ‘no thank you, you clearly haven’t thought this blow job through yet’.

"No, they oblige".

If Trump, McInnes and Richardson are the kinds of men being fought in Aly's so-called "war on masculinity", we're right behind him. There's a reason he was voted Mamamia's Best Bloke this year.

Mamamia contacted Waleed Aly, but Channel 10 said they had no comment.

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