The Veronicas answer every curious question we had about their 'topless' ARIAs outfit.

Last night, The Veronicas took Australia by storm when they performed their single In My Blood wearing what looked like nothing but glitter on the top half of their bodies.

The risque choice of outfit sent Instagram into meltdown, with some users reminding the 31-year-old artists that “glitter is not clothes.”

But perhaps the biggest question on viewers minds was: how did they get the glitter off for their appearance only moments later?

Well – it seems we finally have the answer.

Jess Origliasso took to Twitter on Thursday morning to explain the complexities that went into the now-iconic outfits.

“The ARIAS 30th awards last night was Wild!,” started Jess, who is now dating DJ and actress Ruby Rose.

“It took the world’s best makeup and special effects team to get us ready up for last nights awards and hosting.”

HOW???? (Images: Instagram/Getty)


She then tagged the "incredible" people who put together their glitter look, and in the process, revealed the secret behind it: body paint AND latex.

Speaking exclusively to Yahoo Be, Jess Watson Miller — who was largely responsible for the outfits — explained latex prosthetics were instrumental in preserving the sisters', erm, modesty.

“We were actually using special prosthetics on their breasts which are made by a company in New Zealand, so they were custom made for them,” she told the website.

“They are prosthetics that can glued on and covered and because of the glitter we were able to blend them in seamlessly. They give a seamless finish and a bit better coverage.” (Post continues after gallery.)


Miller also said the glitter removal was a relatively quick process. “It comes off with hot water and a lot of soap ... We did whatever we could to get them into their next look," she told Be.

Jess gave the team a shout out for this effort in her Instagram caption, writing: "This team had 20 mins to get all the glitter off our bodies. They were incredible."

Incredible, indeed.

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