If your relationship's been on the rocks, the next 40 days might be the beginning of the end.

Sometimes in life it can be great to dive into new opportunities, leap before you look and make some big, earth-shaking changes.

Now is not one of those times.

That’s because according to astrologists, the stars – well, actually planets – are starting to making it almost impossible to make good long-term decisions for the next 40 days.

It’s all thanks to Venus coming into retrograde on October 5. And if you start to feel antsy in the coming weeks, it could explain why.

So what is Venus in retrograde?

Astronomically, it means Venus appears to be moving in the opposite direction it normally does to us – in retrograde. The planet, which to most of us looks like a star shining high in the sky will seemingly dip below the horizon and disappear from view for a few weeks before it rises again.

The entire phenomenon and its effects are supposed to last for 40 days – so roughly until November 15.

As energy consultant and transformation mentor Lynette Arkadie explains, this strong energy pull is likely to wreak havoc on people’s judgement.

Venus is supposed to rule things like love, money, relationships and all things pleasurable – and basically, when it moves into retrograde will affect how you feel about all these things.

“Venus is associated with the mirror and basically she can hold things up to us. In the beginning phase of the journey, we can become very self-reflective, very insecure, we can look at lost loves. We kind of run post-mortems over our lives,” Lynette tells Mamamia.

“We need to be a little bit careful when this happening because we get this feeling like something is missing… and what we usually do is fill this gap in a way that isn’t necessarily productive.


“We’re prone to temptation at this time and we easily throw our morals and our scruples out.”

If that sounds like a lot to take in, Lynette has a simple message: don’t rush into anything.

Basically, we should refrain from making any life-altering decisions in this time and take care we don’t overdo it in those everyday events.

For example…

Thinking of going on a shopping spree? Don’t, you’ll just buy stuff you “love”, but want to return two weeks later.

Been Facebook stalking your ex and entertaining the idea of reaching out? Again, don’t. Wait until mid-November when you remember why it was you broke up.

Going to an early work Christmas party? Stick to just a few drinks and resist the urge to tell the boss what you really think.

Feeling frustrated with your family or friends? Calmly – and we emphasise the calm here – speak to them about your issues. Venus could be heightening yours – or their – sensitivity or making you jump to unfair conclusions.

About to sign a job contract that sounds too good to be true? Professional chocolate-tester may be your dream job today, but take a good look at the fine print before you commit to a new position too quickly.

Ready to get engaged/elope/get married to the guy you met three weeks ago? Just give it a month before saying yes, we beg you.

And if, conversely, you’re thinking about throwing the towel in with your current partner, now is not the time to make anything final. By all means, give each other space, says Lynette. But don’t delete all your Instagram snaps together or sleep with his hot friend until after Venus has stopped making everything feel so dramatic.


Is there anything you can do when Venus is in retrograde?

Despite what we’ve said so far to seemingly suggested otherwise, Venus being in retrograde does not mean you have to put your entire life on hold.


In fact, Lynette says now is a good time for certain things – such as finishing off a project you started yonks ago but never got around to completing or repairing a relationship with a friend or family member whose absence has been bothering you.

The other thing that’s great about Venus in retrograde if you’ve committed to keeping your own stuff sorted? Sitting back and watching the drama unfold in other people’s lives.

Hopefully, that’s not something you enjoy doing with close friend’s lives (no judgement if you do) – but if you enjoy following a good celebrity scandal, you should be in for a month of entertaining gossip.

Any other tips to get us through the next 40 days?

Good communication is the key, says Lynette.

“If you can just slow things down and step back and when you do that communicate with the person that you’re in that experience with.”

Meanwhile, try to enjoy the good things in life – like taking care of yourself and enjoying fun and laughter.

“As long as you’re able to keep things in balance and you have a few ground rules you’ll get through it,” Lynette says.

“If we can remember to maintain balance between the October 5 and 15 November then that’s going to save us from a lot of heartbreak.”