You can now cool yourself down with a Vegemite icy pole and we're conflicted.

Feeling hot?

Maybe you fancy a Paddle Pop. Or a Frosty Fruit. Or a Vegemite icy pole?

Yes, you read that right.

Image: Vegemite/Twitter

You see you can now cool yourself right down with an icy pole flavoured by that brown spread you put on your toast each morning.

"Brace yourselves Australia... it's time for VEGEMITE Icy Poles!" The brand tweeted earlier today along with a picture of the concoction.

The tweet promptly sent vegemite fans and haters alike into a frenzy.


Many believed it was a social media stunt. It wasn't (fortunately/unfortunately).

The twist is you can't buy them - you have to make them yourself.

Vegemite shared a link to their recipe for vegemite icy poles, which takes about 20 minutes to make, not including freezing time.

It looks reasonably simple - just mix sugar, cocoa, honey, Vegemite, corn flour and milk over heat to make a thickened custard-like substance, fold in whipped cream and then freeze.

Quite frankly, it sounds strangely delicious. Maybe?

So what do you reckon - best idea ever or total travesty?