Vegemite responds to anti-halal activists by spreading the love.

Australia’s favourite spread wants happy little Vegemites only.

Our iconic spread is halal, kosher, vegetarian-friendly and proud.

Being able to stomach the salty spread is a point of pride among travelling Aussies, but the popular brand has warned followers it won’t stomach messages of hate on its social media pages.

Vegemite, an iconic Aussie brand. Image via Facebook.

It and other top Aussie food brands have been recently targeted on social media for boycott by an anti-Muslim group for producing halal foods.

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The group claims the certification fees directly fund terrorism, the Business Insider reports.

But, sick of the racist abuse thrown its way, Vegemite’s owner Mondelez International decided to #SpreadTheLove and has vowed to ban distasteful comments posted to its pages.

“You’re welcome to express your views on halal and other topics respectfully, but please do so in line with our House Rules,” the statement read.

“For the record, we’re proud to make products to suit our diverse Australian population and export markets. Certification doesn’t change the way we make our products or the ingredients in them.”

One happy little Vegemite.

“So, no matter how you spread your Vegemite, remember – we’re just here to #SpreadTheLove.”

This classy response – which has had thousands of likes and shares – makes us feel as bright as bright can be.