Bride's family refuse to attend wedding because of the menu.

It appears vegan-shaming is finding itself in a new territory after a bride has claimed she is considering cancelling her wedding after many guests have told her they will not be attending because of the vegan menu.

The mother of the bride, Kathy Craig, has taken to online forum mumsnet to share the predicament, asking fellow users if she is being “unreasonable” by being “p***ed off” with her daughter and her wedding.

Craig wrote that although she has enjoyed spending time planning the wedding with her daughter, she believes her daughter is being selfish in refusing to cater for all of the guests invited.

“My daughter’s wedding is this summer, we’ve been planning it together for months and we have genuinely had a good time doing so. However, my daughter is a vegan, and she is adamant that the wedding also must be vegan. This is fine with me, I support her wish and this is for her to decide,” she wrote.

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“We sent the invitations [and I thought it would be a good idea to include the information about vegan catering on the invitations] and we have had many RSVPs basically saying they will not be coming if the food is vegan.

“I have to say this was unexpected, many of the family are quite traditional, meat-and-two-veg, but I did not expect this to be such a problem.”

However, Craig said the issue is growing so out of hand that now her daughter is threatening to cancel her wedding lest her guests decide to come and partake in the vegan wedding.

“The thing now is that many of the guests are refusing to come, and my daughter is not willing to budge.

“I personally don’t see the big deal in catering for everyone’s tastes, it was a bloody nightmare to book the vegan caterer.


“I’m really getting frustrated, yesterday my daughter said she was thinking of cancelling the whole thing and thinks the guests are being unreasonable. Maybe I should not have put this information on the invitations?”

Overwhelmingly, those who have joined in on the discussion have taken aim at the bride’s guests, arguing that although you might not be thrilled with someone else’s food choices, it’s ultimately their wedding and their day.

"The thing now is that many of the guests are refusing to come, and my daughter is not willing to budge." (Image via iStock.)

"I think the guests are the ones being highly unreasonable, not your daughter. If anyone was so rude as to refuse to come to my wedding because of a tantrum over food, I wouldn't want them there anyway," one user wrote.

Another user agreed, writing: "What a load of bloody ungrateful people that they can't entertain the thought of eating ONE meal that doesn't contain meat!"

However, a few did say they believed that writing the information on the invites was not necessary and just ignited unnecessary conflict.

"I wouldn't have put the information on the invites. Just gives people an excuse to be fussy," one user said.

Who knew people would go to such lengths to turn down free food and drink?