Single mum Aleasha found this Valentine's Day note from a stranger on her car window.

Australian hairdresser and single mum Aleasha Bliss, 32, took the day off yesterday to celebrate Valentine’s Day. For her, the day was about self-love. She had a massage and facial booked. She’d left a “chocolate heart and love note” in her 12-year-old daughter’s lunchbox that morning.

She wasn’t expecting her day to be made by a stranger.

“I had parked my car on the highway and ran into a service station to go to the bathroom and get a coffee,” Bliss told Mamamia. “When I got back there was a note lodged in the windscreen of my car.”

Her first reaction was irritation. She thought it to be a note from an angry driver. Someone accusing her of cutting them off on the freeway.

Instead, it was something kind and generous that “made her smile”.

It said simply: “Hi, just had to say ‘wow you are breathtaking’. Josh”

Josh also left his phone number. “It was so cute, I was definitely shocked,” Bliss said.

This made my day being left on my windscreen this morning!! Who are you Josh??? #valentines #surprise #sweet #love #mademyday

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Bliss had no idea who ‘Josh’ was.

“I didn’t see anyone,” she said. “I was trying to secretly look around. I could see some men, but I couldn’t tell who had left the note.”

She posted a photo of the letter to social media, and wrote a blog post in celebration of “the little things”.


“Us ladies don’t always want or need hundreds of dollars spent on flowers or jewels, it’s the little things that make us smile,” she wrote. “It’s so nice to realise someone has taken a few moments of their day to be thoughtful.”

Breaking the cycle of bad relationships. Post continues below.

In one of those happy, feel-good coincidences, Bliss was only recently lamenting the absence of old-fashioned chivalry in the dating scene.

“I was asking my friends, why don’t men make sweet gestures anymore?” she told Mamamia. “Then this happened. It was like I put it out there and the universe delivered.”

So, the big question… Has she called him?

“I sent him a text and we’ve messaged a few times,” Bliss said. “Let’s see what happens.”

It is bigger than that, however. Bliss says it’s a lesson for all of us.

“If you see something, or you feel something in the moment, act on it and make someone’s day,” she said. “We need to be more thoughtful. More like Josh. It’s just adorable and I haven’t stopped smiling.”

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