How to be in a relationship on Valentine's Day without annoying all your single friends.

I have been that single girl on Valentine’s Day, when around 11am the office starts to look like a florist shop and all of a sudden you look around and realise your desk looks so dull just sitting there all alone as everyone else’s blooms away.

I have also been the girl with the embarrassingly big bloom display and as much as I am thankful that I have someone now to send me flowers and I don’t have to contemplate making up a secret admirer (hey desperate times) I still will always know what it’s like to be the flowerless and dateless girl on Valentine’s.

So please, here are my tips for not inducing eye rolls on singles awareness day:

1. Keep it off social media – posting a long winded ‘I love you’ post on Facebook to your partner who is probably sitting right next to you is just obnoxious and unoriginal. If you really mean it, you will text it. And while we are at it, social media doesn’t need to see the stuffed teddy bear and roses he got you, and hash tagging it with #truelove is grounds for an unfollowing.

2. Do not act condescendingly to your single friends as you hold a big bunch of flowers and say “maybe next year this could be you.” Sarah, just because you are holding a bouquet of flowers on the day of love does not mean you have something they want so don’t act like you do. It’s smug and nobody likes a smart ass.

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3. Do not offer to fix your single friend up with your boyfriend’s mate on Valentine’s Day. A blind first date does not need that added pressure of being surrounded by loved up couples whilst paying four times the amount for dinner.

4. Do not all of a sudden start cracking jokes about your friend being single to try to make light of the situation. They are aware and you are not a comedian so that crack about having a hot date night with a pizza box is only funny when they tell it.

5. Don’t bring up exes – I can’t stress this one enough. Just because everyone is paired up and they didn’t get a $9 box of chocolates from Coles, doesn’t mean it’s last drinks at the bar and they need to grab a partner, any partner.


6. Don’t try to make them feel better by offering to drink wine and watch Bridget Jones with them after you finish dinner with your guy, we both know it’s a total pity invite and you will probably flake anyway which is way worse.

7. Don’t complain about what your guy got you for Valentine’s. So what if you wanted peonies and he got you roses, wrong crowd.

"Don't complain. Just don't." Image via iStock.

Don’t call your manin front of your single friend

9. Don’t start counselling your friend on why she doesn’t have a date for valentine's Day – maybe if you stop being so picky is not helpful again. Nobody likes a smart ass.

10. Don’t give a gag gift like a stuffed cat or blow up man. If you are going to spend your money, at least spend it on something she will use, like a bottle of wine... or six.

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