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Five date experiences that are way more exciting than the movies.

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Don’t get me wrong. I don’t mind getting flowers and a card for Valentine’s Day, just as long as:

a. Chocolates are included and;

b. There in something IN that card that makes it unique.

And what could be better than a RedBalloon experience for Valentine’s Day.

Don’t worry, I’m not talking about jumping out of a plane together or naked bungee jumping… there’s plenty of time for those activities much, much later in your relationship. For now, let’s focus on those experiences you can share with each other.

Because Valentine’s Day is all about love! And NOT about flowers, and cards, and chocolates, and gifts.

Take a look at love guru, Sam Mac’s top advice on how to maximise your love this Valentine’s Day.

Sam Mac, better known as The Love Whisperer, on how to make this Valentine’s Day special. Post continues after video.

Video via RedBalloon

Here are some of the most amazing experiences RedBalloon has to offer this Valentine’s Day:

SPA EXPERIENCES: Smell good for your loved one.

A lot of grooming might happen well before Valentine’s Day, but that doesn’t mean it can’t continue after Valentine’s Day. After all, nothing says “I love you” faster than relaxed, massaged shoulders, right?

RedBalloon has some incredible spa experiences for couples, truly indulgent experiences that will leave you feeling amazing and relaxed. You’ll also smell delicious, which is the real gift you’ll be giving to your loved one.

Choose the perfect spa experience for you and your partner at


"Indulgent experiences that will leave you feeling amazing and relaxed." Image: RedBalloon

SEAPLANE EXPERIENCES: Why drive when you can fly?

Why drive to dinner on Valentine's Day when you can hitch a ride on a seaplane. Talk about impressive! Australia has some incredible restaurants serving delicious food but traffic can be a nightmare.

Fly over it my romantic friends. Fly over all of those suckers stuck in their cars, stressed out before they even get to their restaurant.

Pick a restaurant destination to fly to at

"Hitch a ride on a seaplane." Image: RedBalloon

DINING EXPERIENCES: Because food is love.

There's a lot of relationship nostalgia that can form around restaurants and food, but Valentine's Day isn't about repeating the same romantic gestures. It's about new romantic gestures.


And it's not just about restaurants either.

There are so many dining experiences on RedBalloon from sitting down in incredible restaurants with amazing views to food tours where you can have a nibble as you go.

Find out more at

"There are so many dining experiences on RedBalloon." Image: RedBalloon

CYCLING EXPERIENCES: Couples who exercise together, stay together.

Nothing tests a relationship's longevity better than exercising together.

Does he wait for you?

Is he threatened by you having to wait for him?

Do you like the smell of his sweat?

Does he like the smell of yours?!?

Cycling tours are so much fun for couples on Valentine's Day and you don't just have to slog it alone. You can join other couples on cycling tours all around the country.

Choose a cycling tour at


"Nothing tests a relationship's longevity better than exercising together." Image: RedBalloon

SIDECAR EXPERIENCES: But only if I can be in the driver's seat.

When I first heard about sidecar experiences on RedBalloon my first thought was that there was no way I was letting him be in the driver's seat while I was relegated to the sidecar.

I ain't no side act!

But I felt much calmer about the idea once I realised that neither of us gets to drive the motorbike with the sidecar. We have a driver, and one of us sits behind the driver and another in the sidecar.

Sidecar tours for Valentine's Day. Image: RedBalloon

Of course I have to see if the driver is cute before deciding where I'll be sitting.

Check out sidecar experiences (and the drivers) at

What is your ideal Valentine's Day date?