This woman lifts things with her vagina. Big things.

We’ve heard of Kegels, but this is next level.

Meet Kim Anami. Holistic sex and relationship expert. Vaginal weight lifter. Surfer.

Yes, you read that right, the woman is a vaginal weight-lifter.

She may be lil but this Kim is a master of “vaginal kung-fu” and claims she will teach you the secrets of the “turbo-charged” orgasm. You may even remember her from such instructional videos as “10 reasons to lift weights with your vagina”.

Ms Anami is also a master of Instagram and shares her impressive snaps under the hashtag #THINGSILIFTWITHMYVAGINA.

Here she is lifting some donuts. With her vagina.


Too easy, you say. I could do that, you say. HERE SHE IS LIFTING A SURFBOARD. A f*cking surfboard.

Hang ten, dudes.

But don’t dispair at your own inadequacy just yet. She also shares words of inspiration for any women out there who may want to increase the capacity of their #ladypockets.


Here she is lifting more things in increasingly exotic locations.

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