We just discovered some people have a 'vagina towel' and we have many, many questions.

It was barely 7am when my colleague uttered the words “vagina towel”.

I turned to her, startled and confused. Huh?

“Vagina towel,” she repeated.

How well do you know your lady garden? Post continues below video.

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She’d just read an article on the Daily Star, about an American woman who discovered she had been inadvertently wiping her freshly washed hands on her mother-in-law’s designated ‘vagina towel’ hanging in the bathroom.

Posting about it on Reddit, the woman said she and her husband had been house sitting for their in-laws, and when they returned her mother-in-law asked if she had used a specific towel.

“I say I have, then she says awkwardly that she uses it on her private parts. I go absolutely red. I apologised and said that I’m glad to know it now. I feel super-duper embarrassed now and a little disgusted and I think she feels it too,” the woman wrote on Reddit.

Excuse us, but what?

While this situation is… terrifying and awkward, it’s also extremely puzzling.

We’ve tried to work through it in our minds and we just… can’t. We’re still confused so here we are, with some very important questions to ask about the use of a ‘vagina towel’:


1. Does everyone have a vagina towel and we just didn’t know?

Is this something we’re all supposed to be doing, but have somehow managed to go our entire lives without realising? Does everyone else have a vagina towel? Do we need a vagina towel? Where do we buy one? HOW DO WE USE IT?

Help, we’re feeling very overwhelmed.

2. When does one use their vagina towel?

We’re hoping this is just an after-shower situation. Like, you get out of the shower and start patting down your body: Face, arms, pits, quickly skipping over the groin area and reaching for the legs.

You then grab your designated vagina towel and pat the remaining area dry.

Surely they’re not brought out for use at any other point. Surely.

3. How often does one wash their vagina towel?

Does a vagina towel need washing after each use, or can it go through a couple of pat downs before making its way to the washing machine?

Come to think of it – do you wash your vagina towel with anything else, or does it need its own separate wash?

4. How many vagina towels does one own?

This is probably dependant on the answer to the above question, because if you’re chucking ya vag towel in the wash everyday you’re going to need a pretty large rotation of them. Or lots of washing powder.

5. Where does one hang/air their vagina towel?

Does it sit neatly next to your other towels? On top of them? Or does a vagina towel warrant its own special drying rack?

6. Is it truly a vagina towel, or a mislabelled vulva one?

It’s ill advised to put a towel in your vagina.

7. Why? WHY?

Vaginas (and vulvas!!) aren’t dirty or gross, and drying them with your full body towel is not going to cause any sort of contamination.



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