Hi there, New York Fashion Week. Quick question: WTF ARE YOU DOING?

Fashion does this funny thing where it competes with itself and competes with itself in the outrageous stakes until we get to a point where vagina mohawks are considered art and non-believers just uninitiated bogans who wouldn’t know genius if it hit us in the face.

I’m tired.

You see, this week was New York Fashion Week. How lovely and quaint and fancy and creative.

Clothes here! Glorified potato sacks over there! It’s all fun and games unless you don’t particularly understand fashion (beyond the point of knowing bootleg jeans suck) and it becomes a foreign world of no pants, frontward facing backpacks and vagina mohawks.

There it is again.

Yes, vagina mohawks.

During the Kaimin show this week, the brand said its show would be all about diversity and tolerance.


They went on:

“Kaimin chose to represent diversity, uniqueness, and acceptance of individuality with the life-giving human vagina — which was alluded to in the artistic videos projected during the show and was emphasized by the mohawk on the runway,” their press release read, according to the Huffington Post.

Erm. Wat. Halp.

Take a look at the vagina mohawks for yourself in our gallery below. (Post continues…)


I don’t get it.

I don’t get it at all.