Ute-gate care factor? Meanwhile, Barack Obama is a ninja.

http://images.smh.com.au/2009/05/14/519490/ruddturnbull-172x115.jpg So this morning, Jason says to me “are you going to post about ute-gate” and then I think he said some other words but all I could hear was “blah blah blah blah Rudd…blah…Turnbull…blah blah…email blah”.

Honestly? It hadn’t occurred to me to post about ute-gate. It may well have been on the front page of every newspaper for days but it’s one of those stories I just cannot bring myself to care about enough to wade into the enormously boring-looking detail of it. Frankly, I wish they’d all just shut the hell up about the damn ute and concentrate on dealing with climate change, the economy and REALLY important issues like whether a 2-year-old should be allowed into the senate and whether Rove did or didn’t ……

……accidentally announce he was having a baby on his show last night. Or are you BUSTING to talk about the ute? You tell me……

In case you were wondering how I decide what to post about on mamamia, my litmust test is whether I have an emotional reaction to something. I have to care. The exception is that I almost never post on distressing stories because I figure there’s enough of that on news sites and you come here for a bit of respite from all that misery which can be quite overwhelming. One politician I am totally happy to post on is Barack Obama.

Just the other day I said to a girlfriend “You know, I sleep better at night knowing Barack Obama is in charge of the Western World. I really do.” As opposed to how I slept when that other guy was in charge….
If you missed this, Barack Obama was doing a TV interview when he stopped speaking for a moment to concentrate on a fly and…..well, watch.

The man is a ninja. And sexy dammit.

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