Um... why are celebrities putting eyeshadow in their hair?

Kim Kardashian and her perfect, full hairline… thanks to eyeshadow. (Instagram/@kimkardashian)

Believe it or not, celebrity hair stylists are now using eyeshadow to fill in their famous clients’ hairlines.

That’s what we call taking multi-tasking makeup to a whole new level.

As crazy as it sounds, a dab of eyeshadow along the bare spots of your hairline can do wonders for creating the illusion of a lush, full head of hair. According Marie Claire the Kardashians regularly sport this unusual makeup look, all thanks to their hairstylist Jen Atkin.

“Filling in your hairline is not any different than filling in your brows. It acts like a frame to your face, making your features look more balanced,” New York hairstylist ?Kat Zemtsova? told the magazine.

For a more conventional use of eyeshadow, check out this eye makeup tutorial by Benefit. (Post continues after video.)

I tried the trick myself in the hopes of getting a goofy beauty anecdote: ‘Ha ha, remember the time I put eyeshadow in my hair and looked like I’d face-planted into a vat of shoe polish?

But shockingly… it worked.

I applied a discontinued Prestige black eyeshadow along my hairline using a blush and eyeshadow brush. Suddenly my mini bald patches were gone, and my hair just looked fuller and more “finished”. Who would’ve thought?

Left: Carla's natural hairline. Right: Carla after applying black eyeshadow to her hairline.

Quick tip: Apply the eyeshadow to your hair before you do your face makeup, just in case some of the eyeshadow ends up on your face. That way, you can quickly wipe off the eyeshadow fall-out with a makeup wipe, without ruining your face makeup.


Surprisingly, eyeshadow isn’t the only part of our makeup kits to gravitate towards our scalps.

In a post for The Glow earlier this year, Sunrise regular Shelly Horton wrote that she occasionally uses red blush to disguise the re-growth of her famously red hair.

Moving further down the roots, I’ve sometimes used brightly coloured lip pencils or lipsticks to temporarily colour my ends.

Here, I used som ecute Kat Von D mini lipsticks to give the ends of my hair a purpley-pink sunset effect. The purple (Coven) and pink (Sexer) lipsticks are from the Kat Von D Mi Vida Loca gift set, available at Sephora.

Temporarily coloured ends, thanks to lipstick. All the fun, no commitment. (Source: Supplied.)

If you find yourself lurking around the bargain bin at Priceline, definitely nab yourself some of the weird lip colours that no-one else wants (e.g. blue!) and shove them into your hair for a bit of fun. (Post continues after gallery.)

The best part about using face makeup on your hair and scalp is that it washes out. And that’s more than I can say for that time I accidentally bleached my hair a weird, goldfish orange.

Do you use makeup in your hair? Would you try it?