How to use eyeshadow as brilliant highlighter. Really.

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From contouring to strobing and all the illuminators and luminizors in between, highlighting has become a seriously popular trend.

While there are some incredible highlighting products out there, we love our beauty shortcuts here at The Glow so we couldn’t resist giving one particular trick a go; using eyeshadow as highlighter. Sounds ridiculous? True. But it works brilliantly.

All you’ll need are just three products (which are probably lurking at the bottom of your bag already). A balm or primer, an eyeshadow and an eyeshadow brush. (Post continues after video.)

To find the right place to apply the highlighter, suck your cheeks in and purse your lips into a pout. Above the cheekbone (and above where you’d usually apply your contouring colour) is the perfect spot.

Step 1: The base

Working from the outer edge of the face in a diagonal line down towards the middle of the cheek, apply your balm or primer. I love to use ELF’s Mineral Face Primer ($12) as it’s got a great consistency that doesn’t feel too heavy on the skin over foundation and adds a lovely sheen. Gently rub into the skin.

Step 2: The shine

Then take your brush (I used Real Techniques Domed Eyeshadow Brush, $15.99) and swirl in your eyeshadow, before tapping off any excess product. A white or champagne toned pigment like Essence’s Love and Sound Eyeshadow in Feel the Vibes (around $4) works the best.

The ultimate highlighter hack. Image: supplied.

Carefully tap and dab onto the area covered in the balm. You can also use your fingers to swirl and spread the product to your desired look. Use less product if you're after a subtle look and pack it on for evening for serious highlight.

Repeat on the other side and finish by using any excess to highlight your cupid's bow - this is great for accentuating lips if you're adding a pop of lipstick.

Have you tried using eyeshadow as highlighter?

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