Usher just showed the world his penis. No, really.

Don’t you just hate it when you’re giving someone a naked tour of your house and your genitals slip out?

It’s the absolute worst.

“Here is the kitchen, this is the lounge where I wind down and spend my time relaxing, over there is the bathroom and, oh, here’s my penis! How did that get in the shot? I didn’t see that there!”

Well, spare a thought for Usher, who had that exact problem arise earlier today on Snapchat.

In what started out as one of the most boring series of snaps to date, the 37-year-old "Good Kisser" shared a mix of video and stills with followers in what we can only assume was his best Ron Burgundy tour guide impersonation.

A flower arrangement, a sophisticated yet snooze-worthy lounge set up, coffee table books, pieces of contemporary art, Chinese sculptures, a sleepy dog he lovingly referred to as "my bitch", the room in which "it all goes down"...

Oh Usher / Ron, you are so sophisticated yet sensual.

Then just before we could start screaming at the screen, Raymond made his way into the sauna to share some steam.

From there came the black and white image with a text overlay "blowin off steam" and an sweat face emoji.

Shockingly, the text and emoji just weren't big enough to cover the impressive masculinity that is Usher Raymond.

And look, I don't want to accuse the Climax singer of being a liar, but it's remarkable that he was able to apply a filter, text and emoji before accidentally sending the semi-nude to his millions of followers.

Thankfully the tour resumed post-dick slip, with the Justin Bieber mentor taking us with him to the shower, the basin to brush his teeth (oral health is so important it's almost sexy, wouldn't you agree?), and into his tightly tucked bed.

Back to Ron status, just like that.

All images via Usher Snapchat / @howusnap.